Getting Around Bali

Getting Around Bali

dsadmin dsadmin September 3, 2020 Holidays

Getting the most out of your visit while in Bali is a must. The beauty of its nature, culture , traditions, dining experiences and not to forget the breathtaking views it has to offer are just too priceless to miss. However, getting around in Bali is unlike travelling in many other countries where getting around with public transport is the easy choice. If you really want to experience all of what Bali has to offer, then you’re going to need a way to get around during your visit.

First Up, Grab App

Grab is super cheap, super easy and super useful. Here’s a few things to note about Grab:

  • Locals don’t like it, so they will tell you it’s illegal – it’s not.
  • There are many areas such as Canggu have official drop off zones, so as to limit the number of taxis in the area. So be aware that your driver may not be able to drop you to the doorstep you are hoping to arrive at.
  • Grab cars are generally nicer than taxis and most drivers speak English and want to get to know you and chat- it’s very nice!
  • Grab is CHEAP. Expect most journeys to cost you around maybe half to a third of what they would back home. When you’re splitting that between 2 or 4, it’s crazy cheap.
  • You can rent mopeds from Grab too which is about half the price of a car and generally quicker.

Gojek App

It simply came down to the fact that we like how the app works and had the  bank details all set up in there. On average, it seemed like Gojek actually worked out slightly cheaper for many rides than Grab (though it really wasn’t by very much). Our advice would be to download both apps and use the one that you like most. But for the occasions where it’s unable to get you a driver quickly, start your search on both apps and see which one comes back first.

Hiring A Car And Driver

You can hire a car and driver in Bali for around 8-10 hours for approximately IDR 450,000. They are yours for the day and will take you where you need to go and pick you up too. It’s a good idea for sightseeing and if you want to move at your own pace without the added effort of finding taxis and negotiating prices. It’s also a nice idea for families or couples. Sure hiring a driver is not the cheapest option in Bali (but is really cheap by Western standards) – but what you can learn about the country, people and customs from an experienced driver,  make the cost well worthwhile.  There are plenty of drivers with good English available, and they have their own web pages, so you can plan your holiday with them beginning with your airport pick-up, and then relax into a fantastic, stress-less escape, into the magic which is Bali. 

Consult to the Hotel guest service assistant, and they’ll sure suggest you the perfect option to suit your preferred travel option.