Going Downtown? You’re Going To Love Denpasar

Going Downtown? You’re Going To Love Denpasar

dsadmin dsadmin September 3, 2020 Holidays

Denpasar is a haven for those looking for the perfect blend of a slower pace of life and a connection to the chaos and hubbub of a metropolis. Denpasar is where great shopping meets yoga and where religions, languages, and cuisines collide.  Many opine that Denpasar is just a frenetic city known for the trade. But, ask an avid traveler, and they will tell you that there is more to Denpasar than just buildings and temples. This capital city is an eclectic mix of traditional beauty and modern architecture and amenities. Here are the few most incredible thing to do while in Denpasar :

Visit Bajra Sandhi Monument

Situated in the heart of Denpasar city, the Bajra Sandhi Monument gives prominence to the struggle faced by the Balinese people. Built in 1987, the monument preserves various cultural aspects of Bali and passes on the journey, history, and spirit of the Balinese people for present and future generations to understand.

Take in the Historical Architecture

From temples and monasteries to royal palaces, Denpasar’s buildings and places of worship feature a beautiful mix of Eastern carvings and ornate and intricate designs. Check out the Palace of Satria and the Royal Temples.

A Visit to Pasar Badung Market

The largest market in Denpasar, the Pasar Badung Market is filled with a large range of groceries and goods. The market is only a kilometer away from the city center, and locals and tourists visit on a daily basis – and rightly so! They have a huge variety of clothes and fabric, handicrafts, accessories, homeware, and produce, which is great for travelers looking to get their hands on some great souvenirs and gifts to take back home.

Desa Budaya Kertalangu 

Desa Budaya Kertalangu (Kertalangu Cultural Village) is a locally run recreational site on the eastern outskirts of Denpasar. It has green paddies looked after by the local village farmers, an outdoor activity centre, spas, various restaurants, shops and a freshwater fishing arena. The ‘village’ covers 80 hectares with pathways connecting tenants who occupy their own unique enclosures made from wooden houses and straw huts.

Among the activities on offer here are horse riding, woodcarving, traditional Balinese dancing lessons and painting. A convenience store and souvenir shop is located near the entrance, offering items at attractive prices. At the heart of the village, you can also find a world peace monument in well-manicured gardens alongside sculptures of world figures.

Sari Wisata Budaya Barong Dance

Sari Wisata Budaya in the village of Suwung Kauh, east of Kuta, features an amphitheatre where the Barong and kris dagger dances are shown. Pamphlets are handed out before the show, which explains the episodes of the performances inspired by the legendary Calonarang tale of the struggle between the powers of good and evil, represented by the 2 main characters known as the Barong and Rangda.

Popular Neighborhoods in Denpasar

Panjer – this district has the beautiful and picturesque Lapangan Puputan Renon. At any given time, you’ll see people jogging, doing yoga, and just simply relaxing.

Dauh Puri Kangin – this is another spot in the city where you can relax at the Puputan Badung Park and catch a movie at Denpasar Cineplex.

Sanur Kaja – right on the coast of the sparkling waters and beaches in this neighborhood is the Bali Beach Golf Course and Sector Bar and Restaurant.