Jimbaran Bay Seafood Fest

Jimbaran Bay Seafood Fest

dsadmin dsadmin September 3, 2020 Holidays

Jimbaran Seafood Cafes and Restaurants have claimed themselves as a top Bali attraction in their own right. Especially for sunset. The beach has countless cafes and restaurants, some good, some great. There are three main clusters of restaurants. 

We will sum it up how it was first described to us many years ago. Let’s separate the beach in three groups of cafes. North, South and you guessed it…middle. The North is known for ‘nicer’ and ‘fancier’ restaurants that are more expensive. The middle section is a little more rustic. The Southern end, located in between the InterContinental and the Four Seasons, is our pick. They are more casual and relaxed with a greater emphasis on tables on the sand. 

Jimbaran is iconic for its delicious and romantic beachfront seafood restaurants. When sunset arrives, the coast of Jimbaran is filled with tantalizing aromas of freshly grilled seafood and the flickering lights of candle lit tables.  From here you can watch planes take off and approach the airport.  Visitors take their pick of the morning’s catch of snapper, clams, crabs, lobster or squid and then dig their toes into the sand while enjoying the awe inspiring sunset and the soothing sound of the ocean waves reaching the shore. After the sun goes down, several restaurants offer live entertainment such as a mariachi band or traditional dance. Two restaurants that offer such an experience are Menega Cafe and Bawang Merah Beach front Restaurant. A dinner at one of these places will leave you dreaming of the day when you can come back for more.

Consult to the hotel guest service representative for further information on how to get there and which menu is the best to pick while you are there.